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Clarke D. Hedrick, CFP® Photo
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Clarke D. Hedrick, CFP®

Clarke D. Hedrick, CFP®


Clarke quickly found the value of a dollar by preparing financial and portfolio reports for his grandmother’s stock positions while growing up in the 1970’s. Since then he knew he would turn his passion for numbers into a career.

Clarke graduated from Pace University with a BBA in Marketing and began his career in sales before turning to the financial services industry. He specialized in providing group health and pension benefits to small and midsize companies prior to founding Financial Networking, Inc and Corner Stone Investment Advisors. Then after 14 years with Financial Networking, Inc, he decided to leave to pursue his dream of providing unbiased independent employee and financial planning by founding Pivotal Financial Services in February 2007.

Clarke lives in Suffolk County, NY with his wife, Joy and two daughters.  He is an active member in the FPA-Financial Planning Association, NAHU - National Association of Health Underwriters,  NAPA - National Association of Plan Advisors, ASPPA - The American Society of Pension Professionals  & Actuaries, 

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